About DaMeGa Engineering 

Our company

DaMeGa Engineering was founded in 2006 as an invoator of emergency vehicle lighting in the United States of America. We have always had one goal with our business: to create innovative, effective, and affordable public safety equipment that directly addresses the needs and issues of our customers. Since then, we have become one of the main US-based public safety equipment supplier in the market, and we are incredibly proud and excited to continue to grow thanks your unwavering support.

Over the years, our range of products has expanded into a diverse and thoroughly stocked catalog. Every light, siren, and speaker we produce is constructed from only the best materials and has been thoughtfully designed to do its job in the most efficient and powerful way possible, allowing you to work harder, longer, and more productively. Our products are used by emergency professionals throughout the Nation, so our goal is to engineer products that they can rely on everyday in every situation.

DaMeGa products stand out amongst their competitors because they are the ultimate combination of cutting-edge design, high-quality construction, and affordable pricing. Our engineers strive to constantly design and innovate products that move emergency equipment in a more effective, more powerful, and more protective directions. However, we also keep functionality as a top priority, which means that any changes are made purely for the purpose of making your job easier and safer. This is coupled with our commitment to using only the highest-quality materials in our products, so you can rest assured in the knowledge that your purchase is built to last and will work just as well in the future as it does today.

Ultimately, we understand that our products need to be available for those whose lives depend on them most, including first responders, emergency workers, outdoors crews, and many more. Because of this, we are are committed to keeping our prices low and competitive to do just that. With unparalleled value, unbeatable warranty coverage, and some of the best pricing on the market, it is easy to see how DaMeGa has become an overwhelming favorite in the public safety industry.

We aspire to better ourselves as a company every day, and we look at feedback from our customers and clients to do so. We always welcome suggestions or comments on where we are excelling or where we could use improvement so that we can continue to create products that truly work for you. We look forward to competing for your business.

MISSION: To design, create, innovative, effective, and affordable public safety equipment that directly addresses the needs and issues of our customers.